For Hegarty, sustainability is an ongoing journey. It is a commitment I make every day through the many decisions I make as a business. Each decision, no matter how small, contributes towards an economy and society which values people, animals and environment.

I realise Hegarty has a long way to go and it face's new challenges every day, but I will continue working on my commitment to be a responsible fashion brand focused on designing and making products which maintain their quality and relevance over time.

We have a responsibility to ensure that we work with manufacturers and suppliers who share our values and treat their workers fairly and with respect. I have worked hard to build strong relationships with our factories and suppliers in London and England, and I visit them regularly in order to maintain my confidence in their work practices and manufacturing quality.

Being environmentally friendly is an important company ethos. All Hegarty orders are delivered in 100% recyclable cardboard boxes and tissue paper, all of which is made from100% recycled paper and cardboard.

Sustainability starts with making conscious decisions to create products that last a long time both in their craftsmanship and design. I'm are not interested in creating products that promote a short lived trend. For every Hegarty piece we make I carefully consider the aesthetic, quality, functionality and sustainability attributes of the materials are sourced and that they have a traceable line of sustainability. I have been working hard to build the right network of suppliers which can support my goal to source and develop environmentally preferred materials.


Matthew Hegarty