Founded in the heart of London, Hegarty emerges as a pioneering force in fashion, making an indelible mark with its unique approach to outerwear. At its core lies a fundamental mission: to create a collection of iconic garments that seamlessly blend the boundaries between women’s, unisex and men's ready-to-wear fashion. With an unwavering commitment to distinct design, timeless style, and uncompromising quality, Hegarty brings forth a collection that resonates with those who seek sophistication in simplicity as well as its dedication to sustainable practices. Each meticulously crafted hand finished piece in the collection is proudly made in London, utilizing fine English fabrics to ensure a fusion of luxury and sustainability. 
A quote from the designer and founder Matthew Hegarty:
I felt in my core that making fashion was something I really had to do creatively. So, I started. I love coats and outerwear and a fantastic coat or jacket can just make the outfit. I knew that I wanted to create a fashion brand that begins with outerwear, that’s sustainable and made in London.” 
“I feel that so many pieces don’t need to be and shouldn’t be designed for one type of person. Certain pieces can be designed with a more inclusive scope.” 
Having the final pieces made locally is our key practice. This is exactly how we started. I visit my manufacturers weekly throughout the sampling and production process. We only source our fabrics from the UK. The sort of designs Hegarty creates are only made with sustainable fabrics and so this works into the design process. We also make sure that the dyes used in the fabrics are nontoxic and our factories are certified that they only use nontoxic dyes.”
"I feel that honesty, passion, creativity and quality are the key values that guide Hegarty."  
Hegarty continues to grow and evolve its collection while remaining grounded in its founding principles of a stripped back, quiet luxury aesthetic with effortless sophistication. 
          Matthew Hegarty